Senate is a web3 infrastructure tool made for governance teams and delegates which aims to help you never forget to vote on a proposal ever again.

It does so by giving you access to a dashboard which includes all the new proposals of the DAOs you follow.

To increase your visibility as a delegator, it as well allows you to view and share your past votes.

Future plans include notifications across a variety of channels, like Discord, Telegram or EPNS. More complex statistics on your past votes is also on the roadmap.

Senate MVP was built during ETHOnline 2022 Hackathon together with @eugenPtr, @DubluDe and @kohei.

It will be (or maybe already is, depending when you are reading this) available at

It’s source code is available here.

Later edit:

We won some pretty cool prizes πŸ₯³


♿️ AAVE Grants DAO β€” πŸ₯‡ Accessibility

🏟 Optimism β€” Best Community Infrastructure

πŸ”Ÿ Optimism β€” Top 10

You can check out our submission page here.

Built with Typescript, NextJS, Yarn Workspaces, wagmi, ethers.js, ChakraUI, Docker and it’s all hosted at Render.